HME 46-II Series

Sennheiser’s HME 46-II Series are lightweight headsets for air traffic controllers and C3 operators requiring excellent sound performance and long-term wearing comfort.
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Sennheiser’s HME 46-II Series of very lightweight, extremely comfortable headsets are designed specifically for all air traffic control communication and C3 (Command, Control & Communications) operators requiring excellent sound and long-term wearing comfort. A noise-cancelling microphone delivers optimum speech clarity for reduced “call-back/read-back” events. The headset can be operated in two channel mode. Soft acoustic foam ear pads and patented two-piece automatic headband deliver first class comfort with a perfect, secure fit. A flip away headphone allows for single-sided listening and a reinforced flexible microphone boom allows for left or right sided use. The headsets feature a single sided cable which is easy to exchange. Sennheiser ActiveGard® technology protects users hearing against acoustic injury caused by a sudden sound burst on the line, without interrupting communications - an added safety feature that differs from traditional acoustic shock clipping circuitry. The features an electret microphone and the series consists of three variants: HME 46 3S-II (single-sided), HME 46-3-II (double-sided) and HME 46-31-II (double-sided without ActiveGard®)


  • Sennheiser Voice Clarity for accurate communication, provides excellent voice transmission and reception

  • Perfect speech transmission Noise-cancelling microphone filters out ambient noise for optimum speech clarity to reduce “call-back/read-back” events

  • Fits every application with a choice of electret/dynamic microphone, and single sided or dual sided earcup model

  • Two channel stereo application for multi-channel communication

Wat zit erbij?

  • Headset HME 46
  • Cable clip
  • Wind and pop screen
  • Safety Guide
  • Quick Guide

Technische gegevens

  • Kleur
  • Impedantie
  • Frequentiereactie (Microfoon)
    100 - 15,000 Hz
  • Transductorprincipe (microfoon)
    Electret, noise cancelling, bi-directional
  • Frequentiereactie (hoofdtelefoons)
    20 - 14,000 Hz
  • Microfoon
    Load resistance 150 - 2,200 Ohm
  • Karakteristieke SPL
    98 dB SPL (1 kHz, 1 mW) / 86 dB SPL (1 kHz, 1 V)
  • THD, totale harmonische vervorming
    < 1 % at 95 dB SPL (300 - 3,000 Hz)
  • Contactdruk
    HME 46-3-II/HME 46-31-II: 2.7 N, HME-46-3S-II: 3.7 N
  • Oorkoppeling
    Supra-aural (on ear)
  • Gewicht
    HME 46-3-II/HME 46-31-II: 150 g/5.29 oz, HME 46-3S-II: 110 g/3.88 oz
  • Opslagtemperatuur
    -55 °C - +70 °C
  • Werkingstemperatuur
    -15 °C - +55 °C


  • Fact Sheets
    • Fact Sheet HME 46-II and HMD 46-II Series (240 KB) Download

  • EU-conformiteitsverklaring
    • Declaration of Conformity (440 KB) Download

  • Digital Brochures
  • Handleiding ‘snel wegwijs’