When talk matters

To hear and be heard flawlessly and provide excellent customer experience. This group demands a great audio experience at both ends of the call.

Call Control integration

Sennheiser Call Control for an Amazon Connect implementation includes the following features for all Sennheiser headsets and speakerphones:

  • Incoming Call;
  • Accept Call;
  • Mute;
  • Un-Mute;
  • End Call.

To enable the above Call Control features for Amazon Connect, a JavaScript developed by Sennheiser is available contacting Product Support at [email protected]

Only Chrome is supported at this time.

Sennheiser HeadSetup™ Pro must be installed and running in the background on the Desktop Agent’ PC. For a mass deployment of HeadSetup™ Pro, the Sennheiser cloud-based IT Management solution HeadSetup™ Pro Manager can be used.

Learn more about Headsetup Pro
Learn more about Headsetup Pro Manager
Call Control integration

Amazon Connect

Amazon Connect

Simple to use, cloud-based contact center solution.

Case study

Transcom opts for the perfect sound from Sennheiser

When deciding on a new headset, Transcom developed a range of different tests, with Sennheiser being just one of the candidates under scrutiny. At the end of the selection process, which was determined by various criteria, the employees at Transcom gave.

See the full case study
Transcom opts for the perfect sound from Sennheiser
A new standard
The SDW 5000 wireless DECT headset series is one of the first professional communication and collaboration systems to support the next generation of audio – super wideband. This lets the SDW 5000 Series deliver a rich and detailed audio experience that goes beyond conventional business standards.
  • Narrowband
  • Wideband
  • Super Wideband

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Wearing style

Double sided
Single sided
Ear hook


  • SC 635 USB-C and SC 665 USB-C are premium wired headset with connectivity to PC or mobile devices us...
  • Meer


  • SC 238 and SC 268 are wired headsets optimized for high impedance/narrowband desk phones. Designed f...
  • Meer


Audio excellence
Have long, clear conversations and
enjoy an excellent audio experience,
thanks to a microphone that delivers
exceptional clarity by filtering out
noise and enhancing speech
Ease of use
Handle calls smoothly and work more
conveniently with a range of solutions
that are easy to manage and give users
all the benefits of wired solutions or the
freedom gained from long-range wireless
Wearing comfort
Thanks to lightweight and high-quality 
materials, the series’ solutions are so 
comfortable you might forget you’re wearing
them, with a choice of wearing style options
to suit every user’s preference
A range of robust and reliable
solutions designed to handle
the wear and tear of use for
long durations every day

Try our products

This program is limited to call centers with 50 or more headset users on location. Trial customers must have purchasing capabilities of 25 or more headsets on next order. You will have 2 weeks to evaluate your Sennheiser headset of choice. At the end of two weeks you will have the option to purchase the headset on site through your current vendor or to return it to Sennheiser.