09/04/2018 Wedemark/Las Vegas


VR post-production software company, Assimilate, has joined Sennheiser’s AMBEO for VR partnership program. Its SCRATCH VR live streaming and post-production software can accept direct feeds from the Sennheiser AMBEO VR Mic. This ensures simpler, quicker, and high-quality workflows for VR video creators.

Assimilate’s SCRATCH VR includes the AMBEO A-B converter and can be directly fed the A-format Ambisonics audio stream from the AMBEO VR Mic.

“Sennheiser is happy to welcome Assimilate to the partnership program,” said Véronique Larcher, AMBEO Immersive Audio co-director at Sennheiser. “With the AMBEO A-B converter integrated into SCRATCH VR, this post-production software enables simplified, high-quality VR audio input and editing for video-editing professionals from the comfort of a tool they are familiar with.”

“We seek to partner with companies that offer the best in VR tools and resources to creative professionals,” said Jeff Edson, CEO at Assimilate. “Sennheiser is known for its high-quality microphones and adding its immersive audio capability with the AMBEO VR Mic will further enhance creating impactful VR experiences in SCRATCH VR.”


Creating VR360 / 3D and VR180 / 3D experiences requires focused attention to complex details and most usually fast time-to-market. SCRATCH VR 9.0 greatly simplifies the VR post-production process with one-stop shopping – a single, streamlined VR workflow that includes all the needed functions for creating impactful VR180 and VR360 experiences – saving enormous amounts of time, hassles, and money. SCRATCH VR 9.0 workflow includes all the necessary VR post-production tools, from preview, to data management, dailies, stitching, color grading, compositing, Sennheiser AMBEO audio, playback, cloud-based reviews, finishing, and mastering.

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About Assimilate
Assimilate provides real-time post-production tools and workflows that have proven essential to productivity and creativity in the creation of 2D/3D/VR studio and independent feature films, documentaries, TV episodes, and music videos. The Scratch product line equips directors, DPs, on-set DITs and post-production artists with the latest, state-of-the-art, cost-effective tools and workflows they need to simplify the post-production process and achieve high-quality results. Scratch is resolution independent, and continually updates support for nearly all formats. Additionally, in SCRATCH VR, Assimilate offers the only professional end-to-end VR workflow and tools for VR360 / 3D and VR180 / 3D – including stitching, Ambisonic sound, and live streaming. Assimilate partners with Z Cam to offer complete, integrated VR workflows with its SCRATCH VR and the Z Cam S1, S1 Pro, and K1 Pro VR camera – from previews to shoot, data management, stitch, color grading compositing, finishing, and mastering. Assimilate also partners with Sennheiser to include its world-class audio capability with its AMBEO A-B converter integrated in SCRATCH VR. Learn more at www.assimilateinc.com

Over Sennheiser
Vorm geven aan de sound van morgen en voor zijn klanten unieke klankervaringen tot stand brengen… Dat is het doel waarrond wereldwijd alle medewerkers en partners van Sennheiser zich verenigen. De onderneming is opgericht in 1945 en uitgegroeid tot een van ’s werelds toonaangevende producenten van koptelefoons, microfoons en draadloze zendersystemen. Met zijn 21 verkoopfilialen en partnerrelaties van vele jaren is de groep actief in ruim 50 landen. Daarnaast telt hij nog eens eigen productiefaciliteiten in Duitsland, Ierland, Roemenië en de VS. Sinds 2013 staat met Daniel Sennheiser en Dr. Andreas Sennheiser de derde generatie van de familie aan het hoofd van de onderneming. In 2017 genereerde de Sennheiser-groep een omzet van in totaal € 667,7 miljoen.