In-Ear Headset

CX 275s

De CX 275s is een hoogwaardige in-ear headset die geschikt is voor gebruik met alle belangrijke merken smartphones en tablets, en levert het kwaliteitsgeluid van Sennheiser voor onderweg. Ontdek waar het bij Duits vakmanschap om draait.
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With Sennheiser’s CX 275s universal in-ear mobile music and communications headset, you can hear Sennheiser quality sound on the go, regardless of which smartphone or tablet you have. Their high-powered dynamic speaker systems provides for an outstanding audio performance while ear adaptors in different sizes allows for an excellent ear canal fit and ambient noise attenuation. Full control is also achieved with the in-line microphone and remote for the easy management of calls and tracks.

The Sennheiser CX 275s headset is compatible with all major smartphone and tablet brands like Apple iPhone, Samsung, HTC, Sony, Nokia, Blackberry, etc.
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  • Fits All – compatible with virtually all major smartphone and tablet brands, e.g. Apple iPhone, Samsung, HTC, Sony, Nokia, Blackberry, etc.*

  • Signature Sennheiser sound - high powered dynamic speaker systems for great bass-driven stereo sound

  • Premium comfort - ear adaptors in different sizes for excellent ear canal fit and ambient noise attenuation

  • Intuitive design - highly-aesthetic, ergonomic design

  • Ease of use - integrated microphone and smart remote for enhanced usability

  • Convenience at its best - storage pouch for hassle-free portability

  • Peace of mind – two-year international warranty

Wat zit erbij?

  • CX 275s headset
  • Adaptor
  • Ear adaptor sets
  • Storage pouch

Technische gegevens

  • Impedantie
    16 Ω
  • Aansluiting
    3,5mm plug, 4 pole
  • Frequentiereactie (Microfoon)
    100 – 10.000 Hz
  • Frequentiereactie (hoofdtelefoons)
    17 - 23000 Hz
  • Geluidsdrukniveau (sound pressure level - SPL)
    121 dB
  • Oorkoppeling
  • Kabellengte
    1.2 m
  • Transductorprincipe
    dynamic, closed
  • Gewicht
    15 g
  • Oppikpatroon
  • Gevoeligheid
    -44 dB


  • What Sennheiser headsets are compatible with PlayStation 4 (PS4)?

    The Sennheiser PC analog headsets (ie: headsets with dual 3.5 mm plugs) can be used with the PCV 05 Combo Audio Adaptor to plug directly into the PS4 Dual shock controller. When connected with the PCV 05 the game audio and chat functions will work. Sound settings have to be adjusted in the PS4. NOTE: The Sennheiser PC analog headsets include the G4ME ZERO, G4ME ONE, PC 363D (without USB adapter), PC 360, PC 350 SE, PC 330, PC 320, PC 310 and PC 151.

    The Sennheiser U320 can be connected directly to the USB port of the PS4. The game volume setting will control the volume of both chat and the game however the chat volume setting on the headset will not work. Sound settings have to be adjusted in the PS4.

    The Sennheiser USB headsets will work when plugged directly into the PS4 USB port. However the gaming USB models that come with the 3D G4ME 1 sound card will work as stereo headsets. The 3D sound function is not available. Sound settings have to be adjusted in the PS4. NOTE: The Sennheiser USB headsets include the PC 363D, PC 333D, PC 323D and the Internet Telephony models (PC 8 USB and SC 260 USB). 

    The Sennheiser Mobile Gaming headsets are also compatible with the PS4 when plugged into the PS4 Dual shock controller. The in-line volume control (if included) will work on PS4 but the answer/end button has no function. Sound settings have to be adjusted in the PS4. NOTE: The Sennheiser Mobile Gaming headsets include the HD 335s, HD 429s, MM 70s, HD 219s, CX 275s.

    CX 275s ( #504538 )
  • Foam Ear Adapters

    A good source for foam ear adapters for the majority of Sennheiser ear bud models is a company called Comply Foam (

    CX 275s ( #504538 )
  • What headphones have a UNIVERSAL microphone for smart phones?

    The headphone models that we currently offer with a built in universal microphone which will work with the majority of devices are as follows:

    - CX 275s - Ear-canal headset with bass-driven stereo sound and excellent noise isolation.

    - MM 70s - Ear-canal headset with lifelike sound, noise-isolating design and volume slider.

    - HD 219s - On-the-ear headset with plush earpads and vibrant sound.

    - HD 335s - Over-the-ear headset with a DJ style flip up right ear-cup.

    - HD 429s - Around-the-ear headset with powerful bass and ambient noise isolation.

    Each model is a unique wearing style and has individual features. 

    Alternatively Sennheiser offers a range of Telecom headsets ( which can be connected to a 3.5 mm headphone jack on a cell phone via the CBB01 cable.

    NOTE: For any of our headphones that have a model number that ends in a lower case "i" the integrated microphone/control is specifically designed for Apple products and will NOT work with a non-Apple product. If one of these models was connected to a non-Apple device there would be sound through the headphones but no functionality of the controls.

    CX 275s ( #504538 )


  • EU-conformiteitsverklaring
    • EU Declaration of Conformity Ear-canal Phones (290 KB) Download