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INFOCOMM 2017 - TeamConnect Wireless

As businesses become increasingly flexible in their working practices, with the need to facilitate teams across multiple locations and geographies, online meetings have become an essential part of the business world. To keep up with fast-moving and dynamic work environments, conferences have to happen everywhere and with no time wasted on the set-up process. Sennheiser is meeting these business needs with TeamConnect Wireless, the first go anywhere, portable wireless conferencing solution for up to 24 participants. Delivering excellent sound quality in a portable solution that can be set up in seconds, TeamConnect Wireless is the perfect companion for Unified Communications. At this year’s InfoComm 2017, Sennheiser is launching the TeamConnect Wireless Tray-M Set – a new and smaller version of the award-winning conferencing solution.

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With multiple office locations, and the need for employees to switch between locations, conference calls are a fact of life and a UC-compatible setup that can facilitate remote collaboration is essential: No matter where they’re based, employees can’t afford to let poor communications get in the way. In shared office environments space is often at a premium – yet with TeamConnect Wireless, teams can use their UC conferencing solution in whatever room they choose.

TeamConnect Wireless provides unmatched ease of use, speed of set up and Bluetooth and USB connectivity, combined with Sennheiser’s trademark high quality audio. The system is made up of wirelessly linked modules (a master and a satellite or satellites) that are wirelessly linked by a DECT connection. TeamConnect Wireless fits seamlessly into all commonly used UC-environments and is available in three versions: as Case Set with one master and three satellites, as a Tray Set with a master unit and three satellites or as Tray-M Set – a smaller configuration with two modules for up to 12 participants.

TeamConnect Wireless – available in a rugged charging case or with charging tray
There are often two types of modern workspaces – flexible and dedicated meeting rooms. The case version of TeamConnect Wireless perfectly addresses the need for a mobile/portable meeting solution for unequipped meeting rooms. Alternatively the tray versions - such as the new Tray-M Set - are designed to meet the needs of permanent meeting rooms. The tray offers a hassle free storage and charging option for the satellites. With the flexibility provided by these options it is the perfect choice for organizations seeking a high quality audio conferencing system in any meeting environment.

The value of effective communication
Only a connected team can perform to its full potential – as a recent study by Sennheiser and Millward Brown reveals. The study concluded that successful companies have strong internal connections and run a higher frequency of meetings, while lower performers meet less often. Despite the vital role of constant information exchange, too often conferences do not run smoothly, hampered by technical challenges or offering poor sound quality that makes it difficult for the participants to be understood. Now Sennheiser has a solution to that problem:

“Businesses now rely on conference calls as an integral part of successful operations. Yet too often, meeting space is at a premium, and teams are forced to improvise and suffer from poor quality sound,” explains Jens Werner, portfolio manager, Sennheiser. “Whatever the size of organization or team these same challenges exist: With TeamConnect Wireless, Sennheiser created the first go anywhere, portable wireless conferencing solution to address the demands of fast-moving and dynamic work environments, and we are excited to now offer this great capability to cater for both smaller and larger conferences.”

The key features
• A portable solution that turns any room into a conference venue
• Dependent on configuration, TeamConnect Wireless connects up to 12 or up to 24 people, irrespective of the room or table set up
• Ease of use: The satellite units automatically turn on when removed from the case or charging tray
• Superior acoustic quality allows for natural speech
• Supports multiple simultaneous audio channels, allowing for additional callers to be added to an ongoing meeting with ease
• Master unit allows connectivity via USB, 3.5 mm jack cable or Bluetooth/NFC
• High value, professional design harmonizes with prestigious office environments – the product design has been awarded several times (reddot award 2016, German Design Award Gold 2017)
• The system is optimized for the use with all major Unified Communication brands

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