L 1039-10
De L 1039-1010 lader is compatibel met de EK 1039 Tourguide ontvangers. De lader is een robuuste en makkelijk te gebruiken batterij -oplaad optie. De plug-in slots kunnen maximaal tien ontvangers tegelijk opladen.
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The L 1039-10 charger is compatible with EK 1039 Tourguide receivers. The charger is a rugged and easy-to-use battery charging option. Its plug-in slots can charge up to ten receivers simultaneously. A special catch holds the receivers securely in place and ensures that they remain in contact with the charger even in mobile use. The charger comes equipped with holders and installation brackets for easy installation in a 19" rack. Status LEDs clearly indicate whether the receivers have reached a full charge.

  • Rack-mountable ten-bay charger

  • Slim, rugged design

  • Accommodates Tourguide EK 1039, ew G3 / ew G4, 2000 Series bodypack receivers/transmitters

  • External DC power supply included

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  • L 1039
  • Power supply

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