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Is your smartphone your most important content creation tool? If so, you are probably still looking for an external microphone that is as easy to use as your smartphone and is able to deliver stunning results. Here’s the answer: Audio specialist Sennheiser will be presenting the Memory Mic at IBC, a wireless microphone for smartphones and a free app that at last lets you create quality content at the touch of a button. The small, lightweight microphone offers excellent sound and works at any distance from your smartphone. The Memory Mic is available now, as is the accompanying Sennheiser video app, which can be downloaded free of charge from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

“Audio is really at the heart of a video. The sound sets the atmosphere, it evokes emotions and is the ultimate stamp of quality on the content you create,” said Tobias von Allwoerden, Senior Product Manager, Professional Audio. “We are very happy to offer a wireless microphone that is as straightforward and easy to use as a smartphone: Simply sync the Memory Mic with the smartphone app via Bluetooth, clip it on with the ‘fabric-friendly’ magnetic clip and you’re ready to create exceptional video content.” Besides easy one-touch synchronization of audio and video, the Memory Mic offers you the benefit of an audio mixer in the app and convenient recharging via USB. Even better, you don’t have to worry about getting out of range: Once the mic has been synced, you can record at any distance from the smartphone.

Rich audio
The Memory Mic allows you to create rich audio landscapes for your content, whether it’s daily vlogs, travel or cookery videos or even podcasts. When recording with the Memory Mic, the integrated microphone of the smartphone will also be active and pick up ambient sound. This allows you to record a commentary and preserve the original soundscape of the site at the same time. For example, you can do a report from an exciting location and capture its typical sounds, or have music playing in the background while giving instructions in a sports video.

When the video has been recorded, simply access the audio mixer in the Memory Mic App and set any desired balance between ambient sound and the audio captured with the Memory Mic.

Room for extra accessories
As the wireless Memory Mic does not occupy any input on the smartphone, you can still employ additional accessories such as a gimbal or even connect an additional wired microphone if you would like to conduct an interview. For iPhones, Sennheiser offers the wired HANDMIC Digital or the ClipMic digital, for example. The AMBEO Smart Headset for spatial 3D audio recordings is a great tool too. It is sonically fully compatible with the Memory Mic and will provide a stunning spatial reproduction of your surroundings – a plus for travel videos, in particular.

Some tech facts
This is basically all you need to know about the Memory Mic but if you are interested in some technical details – here are some key facts. The Memory Mic is fitted with a high-quality condenser microphone capsule that ensures precise sound pick-up. The capsule has an omni-directional pick-up pattern, meaning that it picks up sound from all directions and will be particularly forgiving if you move your head while speaking. In addition, the omni-directional characteristic is resistant to wind noise.

Via the app, you can set the sensitivity of the microphone at three levels. This is very helpful if you have a quite soft voice or a loud voice – by altering its sensitivity, the microphone will adapt to your speaking style.

The operating time of the microphone amounts to up to four hours – a full recharge of the integrated lithium-polymer battery via the USB port takes two hours at most. Within an hour, the battery has recharged to about 70% of its full capacity.

The Memory Mic is available now and comes complete with a USB charging cable and a quick guide; the free Sennheiser app is available in the Apple App Store or from Google Play. For outdoor recordings in windy conditions, a windshield will soon be available.

Sound examples of the Memory Mic are available at https://youtu.be/kz5Izwmb7No (family), https://youtu.be/tQlUvs9Ek3w (food blogger), https://youtu.be/BCd90dznE9c (music)

Technical data

System requirements  Android version 5.1 or later; iOS version 10.2 or later; Bluetooth 4.1 or later; WLAN IEEE 802.11 b/g/n

Transmission frequencies  2.4 to 2.4835 GHz

RF output power  ≤ 10 mW

Max. sound pressure level  119 dB SPL

Capsule  prepolarised condenser microphone

Pick-up pattern  omni-directional

Frequency response  100 – 20,000 Hz

Data stream bit resolution  48 kHz/16 bit

Operating time  ≤ 4 h

Power supply  rechargeable lithium-polymer battery; 3.7 VDC, 360 mAh

Charging current  5 V, 500 mA via USB

Charging time  70% charge: ≤ 1 h; 100% charge: ≤ 2 h

Dimensions  approx. 51 x 37 x 16 mm

Weight  approx. 30 g

Temperature range  Operation: 0°C to +40°C; Storage: -20°C to +70°C

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Visit Sennheiser at IBC and learn more about the Memory Mic in Hall 8, Stand No. D50.

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