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Appreciation of a sixty-year partnership - Nieuwenhuis uses LSP 500 PRO PA systems from longtime partner Sennheiser

Matching the breadth of customer needs with innovative technology and dependable service has kept Dutch AV specialist Nieuwenhuis at the top of its game for nine decades. For sixty years the company has relied on Sennheiser equipment. With its most recent purchase of the new Sennheiser LSP 500 PRO PA system, Nieuwenhuis endorses its successful collaboration with the German audio specialist.

Established in 1926, the rental company Nieuwenhuis is a family-run company just like Sennheiser. Since its inception as a manufacturer of microphones and amplifiers, the company has thrived throughout its history through a commitment to innovation and early adoption of the newest technologies, transforming into a rental and sales business. Today, the company focuses on the professional and business markets with a particular focus on delivering solutions for conferences as well as meetings in the corporate and hospitality sector.

Nieuwenhuis’ relationship with Sennheiser first kicked off in the 1950s. Back then, Sennheiser had been one of the first companies worldwide to produce a wireless microphone system: Mikroport. “My grandfather who founded the company bought some of the Mikroport systems. Nieuwenhuis was one of the first companies in the Netherlands to have a wireless microphone system in its assortment. We still have the system”, Raymond Nieuwenhuis narrates. Today, the company offers Sennheiser solutions for conferences and meetings, guided tour solutions, and PA systems.

Tourguide systems for any situation
In the 1980s Nieuwenhuis started selling and renting Sennheiser guided tour solutions, again being first in the Netherlands to offer the Infoport system. They have sold and rented successive generations ever since, most notably the Infoport HDE-1030 system in the 90s, right up to the most current Tourguide 2020. Today, Nieuwenhuis has the biggest Tourguide rental pool in the Netherlands with over 240 units, most of which are being rented at one time. Raymond Nieuwenhuis at Nieuwenhuis explains that the flexibility of the system has given them the ability to serve a diverse range of customers:

“As well as tourism applications such as walking tours of Dutch cities, Nieuwenhuis has rented and sold Tourguide 2020 systems to meet a wide range of industrial applications ranging from a brick factory, to food production plants. The system has proved itself time and again through its durable design, ease of use and a real plus is the long-lasting batteries that can cope with even the most demanding situations.”

Easy setup, good quality and secure lines - Conferences with Sennheiser ADN

Nieuwenhuis also has a large rental pool of 30 Sennheiser ADN digital conference units, which the company uses predominantly for conferences and as table microphones during roundtable-style events. Raymond Nieuwenhuis describes the system’s appeal:

“We chose the ADN system due to its great combination of functionality, design and ease of use. It has a good value. Also, as we cater to clients that demand high levels of security and privacy during meetings, the ability to offer wired systems provides a great peace of mind against eavesdropping. In fact it is out on the road so much that we needed to collaborate with a flight case manufacturer to build custom cases for the system. It’s ready to go anywhere!”

LSP 500 PRO - The state of the art PA system
Wired or wireless, what Nieuwenhuis and Sennheiser have in common is a commitment to delivering high performing solutions that make things easier for the customer. That’s reflected in Nieuwenhuis’ deployment of the brand new integrated wireless PA system, the Sennheiser LSP 500 PRO. Raymond Nieuwenhuis explains:

“The LSP 500 PRO is a great system. All too often we face situations where you need a high quality PA, but the venue or time constraints make a wired set impractical or unattractive. Or there’s situations – often outdoors – where there’s no fixed voltage present like ground-breaking ceremonies during construction projects, memorial services, or the launch of public artworks. These are the applications where the flexibility and mobility of the LSP 500 PRO – working individually or linked wirelessly to scale to a bigger system - have really shone. We also work with the Sennheiser’s evolution wireless G3 microphone range quite frequently so seamless compatibility with that system was a real selling point.”
As well as renting the system, Nieuwenhuis has sold a LSP 500 PRO solution to the Netherlands Land Registry, which uses this pioneering system in combination with a handheld wireless microphone during public functions.

Christophe van den Berghe, Sales and Marketing Director at Sennheiser Benelux sums up the situation: “We are very happy about this longtime partnership with Nieuwenhuis that has lasted for generations. They’re always at the forefront when it comes to new and innovative technologies, striving to offer products to their customers that really make a difference – like we do.”


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