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Audio specialist Sennheiser unveils its new show stand concept

Sennheiser unveiled its new stand concept for shows and trade fairs at the CES in Las Vegas and the NAMM Show in Anaheim, California. The new design provides a tangible experience of the audio specialist’s brand values, creating a space that invites exploration and interaction. The modular stand concept will be implemented over the coming year at the international shows and trade fairs at which the company is exhibiting.

The new stand radiates a high perceived value and puristic elegance. The space-defining wall elements are finished in a darker secondary colour, drawing the focus towards the brand colour. The familiar angular curve of the Sennheiser ‘S’ is reflected in all of the stand’s details. “The contrast between the anthracite-coloured outer shell and the bright design of the interior creates a very special spatial experience and invites visitors to come in and explore the Sennheiser world,” explained Daniel Sennheiser, President Strategy and Finance. This room-like atmosphere is supported by the semi-open roof design, which is both airy and protective at the same time. “This design puts our trade fair presentations literally under a Sennheiser brand roof and creates a premium environment for our products,” Daniel Sennheiser continued.

Brand values made tangible
The new stand concept is a further milestone in the audio specialist’s premium brand strategy. “Over the past two years, we have already successfully implemented our point-of-purchase programme worldwide, and we are now consolidating the presentation of the Sennheiser brand profile at shows and trade fairs throughout the world. Our aim is to ensure that every visitor to the stand can experience our brand values of Heritage, Innovation Culture and Passion for Excellence through a unique combination of product staging and interaction,” said Daniel Sennheiser.

A concept with infinite possibilities
“Our successful presentation at the two shows in the USA marks the beginning of our worldwide roll-out,” explained Björn Steckmann, Global Marketing Communications Manager. “The modular principle with its system components allows an infinite number of possible combinations – not only in size but also in the thematic focus of the stand.” The stand can be varied in size between 50 and 500 square metres, and can include a stage, a sound studio, active microphone or headphone displays, conference tables or an audio experience room – all depending on the target group it aims to attract.

Immersed in the Sennheiser world
The welcoming interior space of the Sennheiser stand presents the products on ‘focus islands’, each concentrating on a particular theme, and providing visitors with hands-on experience of the latest products. A sophisticated lighting concept puts products clearly in the spotlight and optimises visitor guidance. Stefanie Reichert, Vice President Strategic Marketing Sennheiser USA: “At the CES, the stand enabled us to showcase our new headphone highlights, the Amperior and the HD 700, to great effect. At the NAMM show, bands performed with our microphones on a stage integrated into the stand.”

For all those visitors who wanted to immerse themselves even more deeply in the Sennheiser world, a separate room was created at the centre of the stand to provide a further audio experience. Stefanie Reichert: “At the CES, for example, we set up a listening room that offered visitors the necessary peace and quiet to try out our high-end products and to discover the exceptional sound quality for themselves. At the NAMM show, we had a small studio complete with a mixing console where our visitors were able to test Sennheiser and Neumann microphones.”

Worldwide application
Over the coming year, the new stand will be used at all Sennheiser’s leading shows and trade fairs in the fields of Consumer Electronics, Installed Sound and Professional Systems. The concept and creative design were the responsibility of the design agency Syndicate; the modular system was implemented by the agency Zeissig.

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