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China’s new jazz virtuoso

Jazz from China? In the classical world artists from China are well established, but jazz from the land of the dragon is yet to make a name for itself. This might be about to change. Hailing from Beijing, the 16-year-old pianist A Bu has the potential to become for jazz what Lang Lang is to classical music: an exceptional artist shaped of equal parts talent, virtuosity and genius; since his early childhood he has been guided by his dream to conquer the stages of the world.

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When he was just four years old, A Bu’s dad took him to a music store in Beijing, and without hesitation the boy pointed at the biggest instrument he could see. At this moment, his love for the piano was sealed – a moment that opened the fascinating world of music to him.

The dream that drives the talent
The word “prodigy” is often used when high levels of mastery are achieved at an early age and A Bu embodies these characteristics: At the age of 9 years he was already studying at the conservatory of music in Beijing. At 13 he was sharing the stage with jazz legend Chick Corea. By 2015 and at the age of 15 he was the winner of the Parmigiani Jazz Piano Solo Competition as part of the renowned Montreux Jazz Festival.

For A Bu “prodigy” is just a word. He has a dream and a musical vision. Even during interviews his shy manner and cautious choice of words never hides that he truly knows what he wants to achieve as an artist. And nowhere is this made more apparent than when he steps on stage and sets his hands to the keys.

A Bu’s big talent didn’t go unnoticed for long. Sennheiser China became a patron to the young artist, fostering his growing talent, encouraging him, and smoothing the way for an international career. During this time, one of A Bu’s dreams was already realized. He was accepted into New York’s prestigious Juilliard School, where he is today studying jazz piano, in the city that is a global hotspot for all jazz musicians and a melting pot for talent from all over the world. A Bu is where he always wanted to study.

From live sensation to recording with Sennheiser Media
As his fame grew, A Bu received invitations to perform at international festivals such as the JZ Festival, TSF Jazz, Jazz à Vienne and the Montreux Jazz Festival. During the International Jazz Day 2015 in Paris he performed together with jazz stars including Till Brönner, Ben Williams and Terri Lyne Carrington.

Under the Sennheiser Media label, A Bu recorded his second album “Butterflies Fly in Pairs” – his first release to feature original compositions. The album will be released in 2016. With the fire and carefreeness of a young artist, he has created a colourful jazz album with compositions inspired by jazz, Latin, pop and fusion – all propelled by New York’s vibrant energy. With his keen sense of melody and his musical virtuosity, “Butterflies Fly in Pairs” reveals a very talented young artist who is maturing into an accomplished jazz musician.

Contact: Sennheiser Media, Ina Schröder ([email protected])


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