18/06/2014 Las Vegas

For A/V Installation and Staging Company, Sennheiser LSP 500 PRO PA System is the Perfect Solution for Outdoor and Remote Applications

One year after its launch at InfoComm, Sennheiser's [InfoComm booth C10908] LSP 500 PRO PA system continues to make waves as a breakthrough product within the audio installation and corporate A/V markets, providing unparalleled performance in a uniquely compact and flexible design. The new wireless PA system, which was awarded an IF product design award in the 'Audio/Video' category last March, has proven to be an invaluable solution within Salt Lake City-based Webb Audio Visual's aresenal of audio tools.

As an international installation and staging company with clients like Shaklee, Nu Skin International and Disney, Webb Audio's business is primarily centered on corporate A/V installations and large-scale event productions. Webb Audio's rental business routinely supports meetings, general sessions and conventions for mid to large size enterprises in just about every vertical market. Since acquiring a demo unit of the LSP 500 system after visiting the Sennheiser booth at InfoComm last year, the Company has put the product into heavy rotation while quietly retiring a competing brand's wireless speaker from its rental inventory.

"The LSP 500 is far superior to competitive products in both ease of use and intelligibility," comments Robbie Dalley, Retail & Rental Sales Manager, Webb Audio Visual. Since deploying the LSP 500 on a wide range of projects, Dalley says the response has been overwhelmingly positive. "The audio quality has been beyond what anybody could have expected. Not just the speech intelligibility, but for music as well. The sound quality is clear across the entire spectrum."

For Webb Audio Visual, the 'sweet spot' for the LSP 500 integrations has been in remote locations and at outdoor events that often lack sufficient power to drive a small audio system and require wireless connectivity. According to Dalley, the extremely long battery life of the LSP 500, along with its super-fast set up and tear down capabilities, make it the ultimate portable speaker system.

One of the more recent applications that Webb Audio Visual used the LSP 500 for was for a press conference on the lawn of the Utah State Capitol buiding between the Downtown Alliance and the Salt Lake Chamber of Commerce. In this scenario and many others like it, Dalley says the set up and tear down time required for his team has been significantly reduced, and the wireless capability has been 'plug and play.'

Dalley finds the Bluetooth capability of the LSP 500 especially convenient and his clients often rely on this to stream music before and after speech communications. "It is simple to operate for our clients, and the fact that can play music directly from an iPad or other wireless device in addition to all the other capabilities is a huge benefit," adds Dalley. The music player also has a convenient recording function, which allows audio input to be recorded directly on a USB device.

"For us, the LSP 500 has been a breakthrough," concludes Dalley. "Our clients are sophisticated and have a certain expectation of how things should sound and look. We have a reptuation as a place where clients can come for quality, and the LSP 500 really reinforces the quality of our own brand in the marketplace."

Each Sennheiser LSP 500 PRO can take up to three receivers for wireless microphones, and each also has a combined socket for a 6.3 mm jack plug and an XLR-3 connector for using a wired microphone. The wireless Sennheiser loudspeaker has room for two rechargeable batteries but uses only one of them to supply power at any time. That ensures reliable operation and an operating period for the LSP 500 PRO of up to seven hours.


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