23/02/2012 Wedemark, Germany

HammerFall Impacts Europe with Sennheiser

The members of Swedish metal band HammerFall are masters of their craft. For almost two decades, the band has delivered solid metal albums that hit all the right chords. And HammerFall has consistently followed up those albums with high-energy tours that win converts and cement the allegiance of its gigantic fan base. In support of its latest release, Infected (Nuclear Blast Records), which debuted at the number two spot on the Swedish charts, HammerFall spent the fall filling arenas throughout Western and Eastern Europe and the UK. To ensure glitch-free RF performance and impact worthy of the HammerFall crest, the band toured with Sennheiser wireless vocal mics, wired instrument mics, wireless instrument packs, and wireless personal monitors.

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 {% img id=649 | class=left width200 | alt=Joacim Cans, lead vocalist for the Swedish metal band HammerFall (Photo Credit: © 2012 Soile Siirtola) %} Except for a PA, HammerFall tours with all of its own audio equipment. FOH engineer Daniel Schindler has devised an intricate yet robust set-up that includes 284 snapshots synched via time code to a Pro Tools HD system. Each member of the band uses a stereo Sennheiser EK 300 IEM G3 wireless personal monitor. Three more units go to the crew. Multiple basses and guitars use the Sennheiser SK 2000 wireless transmitter to allow freedom of movement without sacrificing the authentic bite of the instruments. In addition to custom wireless mixes for each member, Schindler also provides a modified side-fill mix to help keep the right energy level on stage.
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“I really love the cardioid MMD 935-1 dynamic capsule for lead vocalist Joacim Cans,” said Schindler. “He has a tremendously wide range and the 935 captures it all with a musicality that’s easy to mix. Together with the SKM 2000 handheld transmitter and the EM 2050 true diversity receiver, Joacim’s voice becomes the ultimate heavy metal weapon.” Backing vocals use the same set-up. Schindler’s comment regarding the wired Sennheiser instrument mics is to the point: “They do exactly what you expect them to do… perfectly. They give me a solid, tight rock ‘n roll sound.” Apart from the drums, he uses a combination of large-diaphragm Sennheiser MD 409s, MD 509s, and MK 4s for the guitar rigs of Pontus Norgren and Oscar Dronjak. Indeed, Norgren – who cemented the relationship between HammerFall and Sennheiser Global Relations – suggested using the MK 4 on tour after using it to capture the perfect guitar tone on Infected.

Schindler is creative with Anders Johansson’s massive drum kit. “For a long time, I was bothered by the overhead pick-up I was getting,” he said. “Anders’ kit is spread wide and he hits the snare really hard, so the overheads were quite contaminated. Recently, I started using the Sennheiser e 906 – which is usually found in front of a guitar cabinet – underneath each of four crashes. I add a little EQ and the result is a warm, full cymbal sound. The first day we set up the ear mixes after I switched, Pontus noticed right away during the monitor check. It’s more separated and direct.” The rest of the kit gets a time-honored treatment: Sennheiser e 901 and e 902 on kick, e 905s on snare top and bottom, e 904s on (five!) toms, and e 914 pencil condensers on hi-hat and ride. An additional pair of Sennheiser e 914s provide crowd capture for use in the monitor mixes. Johansson also wears a pair of Sennheiser HD 25 headsets on stage.

Despite the fact that HammerFall played shows in dozens of countries using dozens of wireless frequencies with no dedicated RF tech, Schindler was happy to report that every show went off without an RF glitch. “The Sennheiser equipment is one-hundred percent reliable every day,” he said. “And the people behind the gear are just as reliable. Pierre Morant, Sennheiser’s global relations manager for Europe, Middle East and Africa, traveled to meet us at a show in Stockholm, and we had a great meeting. It’s a real partnership, and they know exactly where we’re coming from.”

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