18/06/2014 Las Vegas

InfoComm 2014: Sennheiser Previews Optional Accessories for its TeamConnect Stress-Free Audio Conferencing Solution

Audio specialist Sennheiser [booth C10908] previewed new accessories for its new TeamConnect conferencing system at InfoComm 2014, which offers exceptional simplicity for stress-free audio conferences. The new accessories, which are scheduled to launch late summer, include the SL Mic Hub 1 and the MEB114-S TC and increase the overall speed of deployment while delivering clear and intelligible audio quality.

TeamConnect, which is available now in the U.S., is suitable for a wide range of applications in government, healthcare, education, hospitality corporate and other vertical markets. The new SL Mic Hub 1 will make it easier to integrate a conferencing system within multiple meeting rooms, while the MEB114-S TC is a high quality, custom microphone specifically designed for TeamConnect.

"Most companies typically equip more than one meeting room while integrating conference systems, therefore the speed of deployment can become an enormous cost factor," said Dawn Birr, President, Sales & Marketing, Integrated Systems, Sennheiser. "The longer it takes to set up and deploy a conferencing system, the more time consuming and expensive the task can become. Our custom-built accessories will simplify the integration process by bundling several cables into one, thus significantly reducing the overall number of cables."

With the new TeamConnect accessories, users will be able to combine up to four MEB114-S TC microphones with one SL Mic Hub 1, reducing potential cable runs by as much as 80 percent. The new microphone hub will prevent users from having to wire each individual MEB114-S TC microphone across a room to the TeamConnect Central Unit, since each microphone is able to connect to the SL Mic Hub1 underneath the meeting table.
The SL Mic Hub 1 distributes clear and intelligible audio to the TeamConnect Central Unit via a single Cat5 cable. Logic signals are sent directly from the SL Mic Hub 1 to the TeamConnect Combox, which also mounts underneath the table.

By using these new purpose built TeamConnect accessories, end users will not only be able to reduce the amount of cabling required, but also simplify the overall integration.

Sennheiser TeamConnect is an end-to-end professional grade meeting solution which is simple to install and use, while featuring outstanding sound quality at a reasonable price point. The system integrates speakers, mics, a central control unit and connectivity management — everything needed to handle meeting rooms with up to 16 users on site. It is the perfect solution for businesses and public sector organizations.


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