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Legendary turntablists, QBert and DJ Fly mix it up with Sennheiser

Two of the world’s greatest DJs have joined Sennheiser’s roster of global headphone endorsers. The DMC World Championship legends, DJ QBert and DJ FLY, are renowned for stunning crowds worldwide with peerless turntable skills. Both DJs will be rocking Sennheiser’s new Amperior headphones, which bring DJ quality sound to the streets.

The two new additions to Sennheiser’s global endorser line up follow the recent announcement of leading house DJ and producer Bob Sinclar as a champion of Sennheiser’s headphones.
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Iconic in DJ circles, QBert has taken the art of scratch DJing to unprecedented levels, winning multiple World DMC championships since the early 90s and voted America’s best DJ in 2010. He is frequently cited as one of the world’s greatest and most influential DJs. His position in the pantheon of hip-hop legends is undisputed – he is one of the two DJs in history to be named a Hip Hop Grand Master. Alongside his dedication to vinyl, QBert is pushing at the frontiers of technology – inventing best-selling turn tables and cross faders that are sought after by his peers.

Speaking about his new partnership with Sennheiser, QBert said: “My style is all about pushing things to the next level, training like a boxer, every day. It’s about the sound ultimately – but technological innovation helps me take things further and train harder. Sennheiser has always been with me when I’m on the decks - they’re out there pushing too and not willing to stay still. It’s awesome to see Sennheiser taking that pro sound and attitude to the streets with a fresh style.”

Super star turntablist, scratch virtuoso and producer DJ FLY combines an agility on the decks with a fluid approach to genre, with live sets that breathlessly blend hip-hop, rock, soul, electro and dubstep. Exploding out of Lyon as part of the Scratch Bandits Crew, FLY has taken the French DJ scene by storm over the past decade, first winning regional and national DMC titles and then going global. In 2007 he took bronze in the DMC World Championship and then returned in 2008 to take the gold.

As well as breathing in the rarified air at the top of the DJ world, DJ FLY is a legendary performer – wowing crowds with energy and personality. “Sennheiser is part of the fabric in DJ circles. You need the best tools to be the best – you need the sound you hear to match that experienced by the crowd – there is no compromise. But it’s like the clubs – the sound should move you but the look, the style, this must be perfect too.”

Both DJs participated in this year’s edition of DMC World DJ Championships, sponsored by Sennheiser, and set the turntables on fire during live sets. DJ QBert performed solo at the event, while DJ FLY along with 2M2X laid down incendiary vibes during the Sennheiser Showcase.
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Sennheiser’s Amperior, inspired by DJs and designed for the streets, brings the club sound to mobile devices. Part of Sennheiser’s Style Selection, Amperior remixes the essence of the company’s legendary HD 25 DJ headphones in a robust and super stylish design. The closed-back, supraaural dynamic headphones feature neodymium ferrous magnet drivers that deliver a balanced audio reproduction, but with warm mids and deep powerful bass that’s the perfect match to urban styles.

“It is simply incredible to work with DJ QBert and DJ FLY,” said Peter Callan, President Consumer Electronics at Sennheiser. “Both DJs have stormed countless DMC contests with peerless skills and incredible live performance. They look effortlessly cool, but their achievements reflect unwillingness to compromise and a dedication to strive for perfection. Looking the part is crucial in their game, but their ability to achieve what others can’t is why they stand alone. That’s what Amperior stands for - that pursuit of sound perfection and seemingly effortless style.”

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