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Maplin chooses Sennheiser TeamConnect as ideal conferencing solution

When Maplin Electronics, the UK’s biggest specialist retailer of consumer electronics, needed to connect its multiple UK offices to mitigate travel costs, it chose Sennheiser’s TeamConnect audio conferencing system as the ideal solution.

A long-term customer and key account of Sennheiser UK Ltd, Maplin decided they could install TeamConnect themselves, with support from Sennheiser. This work was led by Maplin’s Head of Operations and Infrastructure, Mike Prescott, and Sennheiser’s, Global Business Development Manager, Business Communications, Nick Pemberton.

“We chose TeamConnect specifically for its ability to utilize Skype for Business,” explains Mike. “I was looking for a hardware solution that worked with existing software and environment, rather than an all-encompassing ‘black box’ solution. I find new communication services are more successful if they build on things people are familiar with. Skype for Business is our company standard.”

“In one respect, the brief was simple,” says Nick. “It was to provide an easy-to-use system that seamlessly interfaces with Skype for Business.”

The second part of the brief, however, was more challenging. “We needed to provide a system that met and exceeded the audio quality requirements of Senior Managers and the Main Board.” Nick recalls. “Acoustics, layouts, size and physical deployment were the main issues, rather than technology integration. The use of TeamConnect Flex bundles, which provide a number of options to suit varying requirements, provided a great solution to these issues.”

The TeamConnect system was installed across two sites: Maplin’s Rotherham HQ, where there is a conference room with a large oval table seating 12 people, and a boardroom with horseshoe table with seating for at least 24 people. The London office has a similar sized conference room and a meeting room for six people.

“In each location, TeamConnect Small and Large Flex systems were deployed to interface directly with Skype for Business for daily communication,” says Nick. “Maplin makes full use of the various on-board communication connections across the sites, but in particular the USB to touch screen Skype for Business clients and mobile cable for BYOD [Bring Your Own Device] integration to calls.”

Maplin, which employs a skilled IT team headed up by Mike Prescott, handled the project internally. Mike found TeamConnect easy and intuitive to configure and install. With his team, Mike was able to role out the systems, install and optimise them in a few weeks.

“Putting together or connecting TeamConnect equipment is straightforward,” he says. “And the build quality is excellent. The whole business now uses it for internal and external meetings. We have significantly reduced the cost of travel and accommodation caused by having two offices at opposite ends of the country.

“Nick was excellent throughout the process, being flexible around times to demo the kit, and assess the installation requirements for rooms which are constantly in use. We ran a pilot to demonstrate the solution worked, before scaling this up into the final solution.”

The business has been very positive about the solution and has asked Mike’s team to add TeamConnect videoconferencing to additional meeting rooms in London and Rotherham. These are smaller rooms, but will double the capacity of the solution installed at Maplin.

“I would choose TeamConnect again and have been pleased enough to extend the current solution to meet growing Business demand.”


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