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Offbeat, unusual, powerful: “RELAX – it’s an AVX”

With its new “RELAX – it’s an AVX” campaign, Sennheiser aims to emotionalise its brand even more strongly and to reach customers in social networks like YouTube with its video “The Oracle“. The audio specialist commissioned the Hamburg-based agency Philipp and Keuntje to create an integrated campaign that presents the product and its benefits in an unconventional, offbeat way. The central character of this elaborately produced video is “The Oracle”, a mystical seer whose voice is recorded using Sennheiser’s new wireless microphone system for cameras.

“‘The Oracle’ is a further communication component on our mission to emotionalise the Sennheiser brand even more intensively,” said Uwe Greunke, Director Global Marketing / Brand Marketing at Sennheiser. “Just as we did with D1, MOMENTUM and URBANITE, we are presenting AVX with greater focus on the user’s perspective. We created AVX specifically for videographers who need equipment that offers 100% reliability, especially when they are alone on the set or when things get really stressful. The core message ‘RELAX – it’s an AVX’ responds to this key requirement of our users.” Mike John Otto, Executive Creative Director at Philipp and Keuntje, added: “It is the most daring and greatest film that Sennheiser has ever made. It defines the new self-understanding of Sennheiser’s communication. The campaign is offbeat, unusual and powerful, but it is also extremely clever in the way that it presents the essence of the product.”

Perfect audio for video
The video is about extraordinary filmmakers and inspiring visionaries. “To communicate the Sennheiser brand, ‘RELAX – it’s an AVX’ expresses the core of the new approach that we have been pursuing for two years. This communication is unique and already includes the ‘What‘s in it for me?’ factor,” said Greunke.

The video for “RELAX – it’s an AVX” tells the story of a mystical seer who only wakes up once every ten years to predict the future. “The Oracle” foresaw the discovery of America, the moon landing – and the invention of the massage cushion. A videographer arrives and has a once-only chance to record the latest prophecy with his wireless Sennheiser microphone system in the brief moments that The Oracle is awake. The video was made by the Hamburg-based film production company mypony. It was directed by Tore Frandsen. The cameraman was Kasper Wind Nielsen, and the music was performed by the Budapest Art Orchestra.

In addition to the campaign video, three short video tutorials with the same “look and feel” present the most important product features. The video “The Oracle” is integrated into a globally planned online, social media and print advertising campaign. The campaign deals with the key question: can this unique, fleeting moment be perfectly captured in film and sound? The answer given by “The Oracle” is simply “RELAX – it’s an AVX” – top-quality audio recordings are guaranteed completely without stress with AVX.

User-friendliness right from the start
With its AVX wireless microphone system, Sennheiser offers a license-free, complete “audio for video” system that enables you to go on air immediately. The compact AVX receiver is simply plugged onto the camera’s audio input, and it then automatically synchronises with the microphone transmitter. The system also automatically performs all the settings for wireless transmission – from selecting the frequency to setting the right volume. Never before have audio for video recordings been as simple and as fast.

Further information on this campaign as well as the video and all important features of the new AVX system are available at www.sennheiser.com/avx. The video for the new Sennheiser campaign is on YouTube at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fi-F6WGWijg.


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