The holiday season means spending time with family. You take time for festive meals and to catch up with loved ones. And naturally, you get to enjoy your family’s favorite Christmas movie – whether that’s ‘A Christmas Carol’ or ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’. But while some things stay the same, the personal TV listening experience changes for many people over the years, and this can make watching your favorite movies less enjoyable. To help solve this challenge, Sennheiser has created smart listening solutions that intensify your TV sound. The TV headphones RS 5000 and RS 2000 and the Flex 5000, a digital wireless audio system for headphones, make the perfect gift for anyone wishing to keep Christmas a time of peace.

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RS 5000 and RS 2000: Intensified TV sound

Sennheiser’s RS 5000 and RS 2000 TV headphones are the perfect Christmas gift for those unwilling to settle for less enjoyable TV viewing even as their personal hearing needs change. With the RS 5000 and RS 2000, Sennheiser has created wireless smart listening solutions which let users tailor the sound to meet their individual needs using the easy-to-operate volume and balance controls. The RS 5000 additionally provides a choice of three hearing profiles to enhance TV, movies or music. It also features a unique Speech Intelligibility function that makes speech clearer and easier to understand by dynamically reducing TV background noise that may interfere with dialog.

Both models have been designed to offer elegant, practical simplicity. With a slim below-the-chin design, the TV headphones provide comfortable ear bow pressure for any head size and are a great choice even for movie marathons: Both models feature durable, integrated batteries that allow for up to 9 hours of consecutive use of the RS 2000 and even offer 12 hours of battery life for the RS 5000.
RS 5000 is available for 249 EUR, while the MSRP of the RS 2000 is 179 EUR.

Flex 5000: Freedom and flexibility for a personalized TV listening experience

If the person receiving the gift can’t go without their favorite pair of headphones, the digital wireless audio system Flex 5000 is the perfect addition for improving their personal TV listening experience. There’s no need to choose between flexibility, superior audio quality and design – the user gets a smart listening solution that intensifies TV sound for the headphones of their choice.

Flex 5000 also features three different hearing profiles to enhance TV, movies or music, as well as a Speech Intelligibility button that dynamically reduces TV background noise for crystal clear dialog. The system has been designed to be supremely intuitive, making it easy to quickly tailor the sound according to personal needs by simply pressing the ‘plus’ button on the receiver. The Flex 5000 is the perfect gift for those seeking a personalized audio solution to make sure they get to enjoy their favourite Christmas movies to the fullest.
Flex 5000 is available for 199 EUR (MSRP).


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