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Put us to the test! – Sennheiser calls on bands and artists to be product reviewers for its evolution wireless D1 series

Audio specialist Sennheiser is launching its “Test D1 and Only” campaign, encouraging artists and bands to trial and review its new evolution wireless D1 microphone systems, with reviewers able to keep their set for free. The opportunity is available to the 150 prospective testers that write to Sennheiser at www.sennheiser-d1.com with the best reasons for why they would love to take part.

Sennheiser’s evolution wireless D1 is a range of digital wireless microphone systems that lets bands go wireless the easy way. With systems for instruments or for vocals based around Sennheiser’s wide range of evolution microphone capsules, a band’s life is made simpler: transmitters and receivers automatically pair and select suitable transmission frequencies, while multiple D1 systems can automatically coordinate themselves.

To get involved as a tester, users need to register at www.sennheiser-d1.com, describe why they want to become a D1 product tester and choose their favourite system: a vocal set, headmic set, lavalier set or instrument set.

When chosen as an official product tester, the artist or band will receive the selected set within two weeks. They will then have four weeks to put their system through its paces and write a review of at least 100 words and add pictures, or shoot a creative review or test video of at least 30 seconds. All reviewers get to keep the set for free. If someone decides not to do a review, they can simply return the system.

The campaign runs from November 5th until January 31st, which is the deadline to register. During this time, it pays to stay in touch with Sennheiser via www.sennheiser-d1.com: every month, the company is raffling additional product prizes, such as the e 835 stage microphone, the legendary HD 25 headphones or the MK 4 studio microphone.

“People love using the D1 as it sets them free to enjoy performing without the hassles of managing the equipment,” said Ingo Angres, Marketing Manager Live Performance & Music at Sennheiser. “When people use it, they enjoy its simplicity, performance and reliability and we want to encourage them to share their experience! Of course, this is also a win/win proposition – those that take the time to review the product will also get to keep the set for themselves.”

About evolution wireless D1
evolution wireless D1 microphone systems automate frequency management, matching transmitters and receivers, and setting the correct gain, offering true ease of use by removing these time-consuming and at times error-prone tasks from the artist. D1 operates in the 2.4 GHz range, which is license-free worldwide – removing one further level of complexity and the need to pay for bandwidth. To ensure optimal performance alongside Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and other 2.4 GHz systems, the D1 receiver continually scans the RF environment, and will inaudibly and seamlessly hop to another frequency if it detects any interference. The system employs the industry-leading aptX Live® codec, which ensures excellent audio quality and wide dynamics for vocals, speech and instruments over the entire audio frequency range. With Sennheiser’s uncompromised sound quality, robust design and reliability, the evolution wireless D1 sets artists free to focus on the performance.


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