10/02/2015 Amsterdam/Dresden

Semperoper Chooses Sennheiser LSP 500 PRO PA System

The Semperoper in Dresden has recently installed eight wireless Sennheiser LSP 500 PRO loudspeaker systems. The LSP 500 PRO from the audio specialist provide a PA system for the round foyer and other areas of the world-famous opera house. In particular, they are currently being used for introductory lectures in the foyer of the third-floor gallery. There, a dramaturg gives background information on the play being performed and its production to as many as 150 people before the start of a performance.

Sennheiser LSP 500 PRO are also used for special PA applications for press conferences and opening night parties at the Semperoper. “Occasions like these require a high-quality PA system that can work without cables in visually sensitive areas of this listed building, most of which are protected as architectural heritage sites,” explained sound engineer Stefan Folprecht. “As the systems are set up at various locations, it makes sense if all parameters can be monitored and adapted remotely whenever required.”

The three handheld transmitters used are Sennheiser’s proven SKM 300-865 G3. Two SK 2000 are available as bodypack transmitters, while two Sennheiser SKP 2000 plug-on transmitters are kept in reserve for special applications. Stefan Folprecht was quick to praise the low feedback susceptibility of the MME 865 super-cardioid capsules – in combination with the decentralised PA set-up, optimum speech intelligibility is guaranteed in spite of a high level of reverberation in the building. In addition to the signals from the microphones, the Semperoper also uses the USB media player that is integrated into the LSP 500 PRO in order to play music in excellent audio quality.

Fully wireless operation combined with remote control via wireless LAN were the features that convinced those responsible at the Semperoper. Sound engineers no longer need to disturb the audience if they want to adjust equalizer settings or the volume level of individual loudspeakers. Controlling the system using the LSP 500 PRO app is no problem even for inexperienced users who merely want to change the playback volume or start a USB player.

One particularly important feature according to the sound team is the ‘key lock’, which deactivates the control buttons on the LSP 500 PRO to prevent unwanted manipulation when the speakers are used in areas accessible by the public. “The new LSP 500 PRO systems are an extremely practical solution for the requirements at the Semperoper,” said Stefan Folprecht.

The capacities of the internal battery packs are more than sufficient for the typical applications at the Semperoper. The battery packs can be recharged either in the speakers themselves or by using an external four-battery charger unit. Each LSP 500 PRO has two battery compartments for Sennheiser LBA 500 system battery packs. As only one battery pack is required for operation, the batteries are ‘hot swappable’, which means that they can be replaced while the speakers are in use.

The LSP 500 PRO PA system was delivered by the system contractor Salzbrenner Stagetec Mediagroup.


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