09/12/2011 Wedemark

Sennheiser Annual Report attracts readers from all over the world!

On the 15th of June this year the Sennheiser Annual Report and its online version were released. “Smelling and Tasting Sound” is the third and last Annual Report in the senses-trilogy after “Seeing Sound“ and “Feeling Sound”. In seven articles the readers are taken on a journey through the world of tastes and scents. From the pots of the British premium chef Heston Blumenthal to Asian markets with food hunter Mark Brownstein and the aroma jockey Erich Berghammer.

On the debut of the online version Sennheiser announced a sweepstake. From September to November attentive readers could participate in the sweepstake and win a Sennheiser top-of-the-range headphone, the HD 800. The interest was enormous. Around 4100 participants from all over the world took part. Furthermore a lively exchange about the annual report and Sennheiser products emerged on well known social media forums such as Head-fi.org (www.head-fi.org), Hifi-Forum (www.hifi-forum.de) and the Sennheiser Facebook page (www.facebook.com/Sennheiser).

The drawing was done by Volker Bartels, President Corporate Services and Spokesperson of the Executive Management Board and Axel Grell, Senior Acoustical Engineer who had designed the HD 800. The lucky winner calls a brand new HD 800 her own. In addition to the headphone the winner gets a certificate signed by Prof. Dr. Jörg Sennheiser. Volker Bartels “Congratulations on this wonderful prize. I wish you many hours of pleasure with this top-of-the-range model from Sennheiser”. You can find the online version of the Sennheiser Annual Report at: www.sennheiser-annualreport.com

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