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Sennheiser Partners with iFlightPlanner.com to Develop Revolutionary Flight Planning Application

Aviation headset manufacturer Sennheiser announced that it has partnered with iFlightPlanner.com to develop a groundbreaking flight planning application specifically designed for use on the Apple® iPad and iPad 2. Sennheiser will feature demonstrations of iFlightPlanner for iPad at the Sennheiser Pavilion [Booth 288, Wittman Regional Field] each day of AirVenture 2011. Pilots and aviation enthusiasts visiting Sennheiser’s booth will be among the first to see the iFlightPlanner for iPad in action before its release later this fall. At its booth, Sennheiser will be hosting the iFlightPlanner.com crew, in addition to its newly unveiled S1 Digital headset.

With one touch, iFlightPlanner for iPad enables pilots to seamlessly download flights planned using the iFlightPlanner.com Flight Wizard into an iPad for use in the cockpit. This integrated approach provides pilots with the ability to efficiently plan flights from their home desktop, laptop or any web browser and instantly download flight information into their iPad. Once downloaded, pilots may view flight details, including navigation logs, VFR and IFR charts, as well as approach plates while in flight and without a data connection. iFlightPlanner for iPad will also feature a gateway into news, information and other communications provided by Sennheiser. After landing, iFlightPlanner for iPad will allow pilots to electronically close their flight plans and log their flight details into their iFlightPlanner.com logbook.

“Our cooperation with iFlightPlanner.com is another example of how we continue to support the broader aviation community,” commented Dave Dunlap, Director of Sennheiser Aviation. “iFlightPlanner.com is an innovative company with a clear focus on high quality. Through long-term strategic partnerships like this, we want to decrease barriers to flight and make the flight planning process as seamless as possible.”

“We are thrilled about the opportunity to work with Sennheiser and provide a flight planning experience that is unmatched in general aviation,” said Andy Matthews, iFlightPlanner.com’s co-founder and Director of Business Development. “Seeing the results when two like-minded companies from different sectors of the aviation industry come together on a project like this is very exciting!”

In addition to route planning, certified weather briefs, weight and balance calculations and filing of VFR and IFR flight plans, iFlightPlanner.com also offers pilots:

  • Seamless VFR and IFR charts complete with hi-res weather imagery on Google Maps
  • Detailed navigation logs containing forecasted winds, temperatures, fuel burn, and ETAs
  • Comprehensive Airport/Facility Directory with airport diagrams, procedure plates, & business listings
  • Integrated digital logbook that allows pilots to maintain online records of their flights
  • Searchable Flight Instructor Directory providing CFIs opportunities to build their student base.

Visit http://www.iFlightPlanner.com or http://www.sennheiser-aviation.com for more information.

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