Sennheiser releases a new Mobile Business Series of premium Bluetooth® headsets

Copenhagen – 17th March 2014 – Sennheiser, a leading provider of premium headset and UC solutions, today releases the Mobile Business Series Pro (MB Pro) premium Bluetooth headsets for business professionals who demand the best in sound quality, wireless communication freedom and complete comfort - when travelling or in the office.

Sennheiser’s multi-connectivity Mobile Business Series Pro headsets give business professionals unique high definition audio quality with the ability to seamlessly and flexibly manage calls when connecting to different laptops, smartphones or tablets. Their lightweight and robust design makes them a perfect solution for all-day users who need exceptional communication in the office, home office or when travelling.

The MB Pro 2 binaural series is the first product range to incorporate the Sennheiser ‘Room Experience’, a unique new way to experience headset sound on calls. By externalizing the sound from the user’s head, Room Experience gives callers the impression that they are talking to a person in the same room. This more realistic sound gives users a more natural and comfortable listening experience and reduced listener fatigue for all-day users. This ground-breaking new feature can be activated and de-activated on the headset as the user requires.

The MB Pro Series headsets provide the renowned Sennheiser sound quality for natural-sounding speech when making or receiving business calls as well as providing more enjoyable multimedia experiences for users from their mobile devices or laptops. In addition, all the MB Pro Series headsets use an ultra-noise-cancelling microphone with single channel noise reduction system to cut out background noise such as car road noise and air conditioning fans.

With its robust and fully-adjustable headband, the MB Pro Series offers complete user comfort and the durability for all-day business usage. The headset’s large leatherette ear pad ensures a perfect fit and added comfort.

The MB Pro Series meets the demands of the toughest work days, delivering up to 15 hours’talk time and can be 50% charged in only 40 minutes. Additionally, the MB Pro headsets are equipped with intuitive user features such as voice prompts so that users are always updated with call/headset status.

Sennheiser’s patented ActiveGard hearing protection technology protects professionals making heavy use of phones from potential acoustic shocks and sudden bursts of sound.

Andreas Bach, President of Sennheiser Communications, said: “Today’s business professionals have to deliver the highest quality work and be ever more time-efficient in the face of multi-platform work environments and frequent travel commitments. The MB Pro Series meets all these different requirements with outstanding sound quality, simple call management and complete comfort.”

The MB Pro Series is available in monaural and binaural variants to suit different business professionals’ needs comprising:

• MB Pro 1 (comes with USB cable charger)
• MB Pro 1 UC (comes with USB dongle, USB charger stand), optimized for Unified Communications
• MB Pro 1 UC ML (comes with USB dongle, USB charger stand), optimized for Microsoft Lync

• MB Pro 2 (comes with USB cable charger)
• MB Pro 2 UC (comes with USB dongle, USB charger stand), optimized for Unified Communications
• MB Pro 2 UC ML (comes with USB dongle, USB charger stand), optimized for Microsoft Lync

The latest Sennheiser headset will be available on 17th March 2014.

For more information, please visit www.sennheiser.com/cco or contact Andreas Bach, President of Sennheiser Communications.

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