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Sennheiser’s TeamConnect takes pole position at Williams F1 Conference Centre

Audio specialist Sennheiser’s new TeamConnect conferencing system has been installed at Williams’ award winning Conference Centre, located at the home of the Williams F1 team in Grove, Oxfordshire.

In 2002, the Centre was converted from the team’s base for its Le Mans project and now offers a modern and creative environment for its in-house activities, as well as hosting events and conferences for external companies looking for a state-of-the-art facility.

The Centre hosts a unique event every race day, where Williams’ drivers and senior team personnel call into the Centre and talk to the audience of VIP listeners. In a time-critical and highly pressured environment, Williams required a technology that would seamlessly connect the driver’s call to the presenters and audience.

With the initial introduction made by Sennheiser project manager Phil Cummings and additional input from market development manager and TeamConnect ambassador Nick Pemberton, the team from Sennheiser UK was able to realise the Williams Conference Centre’s immediate need for a technology that would bring its racing action close to its guests with the ultimate in speed and reliability.

“Williams set us a real challenge,“ says Nick. “Not only did we have to provide a teleconference system that allows drivers to call in during race days, but also integrate this into a large presentation space which already features a multiple Sennheiser G3 radio mic system. In addition, it had to work with a variety of other communication methods, including mobile phone and videoconferencing.”

Capable of presenting to an audience of 150 people, Sennheiser’s solution provides an inclusive experience, where audience members can speak directly to the drivers as well as the presenters, with TeamConnect handling feedback and echo cancellation with high-quality processing to maximise clear and precise speech intelligibility.

“The Sennheiser TeamConnect system installed in our auditorium at Williams integrates well with pre-installed kit and, with the ability to ‘drive’ the system via iPad, makes it simple to use,” says Jonathan Tirrill, Williams’ AV technician. “The iPad app allows me to dial in, receive calls and change presets quickly and effectively. The TeamConnect system connected simply to our IP network enabling an instant iPad control line. These were simple plug and play operations.

“Also, the TeamConnect system allows me to connect multiple sources into the system, such as my wireless lapel and handheld microphones, or even PC sound via the Team Centre Combox, the Combox allowing connection via USB, freeing up more mic inputs.

“We use the system predominantly for our race day events, where guests come to experience Williams’ hospitality and enjoy the race. Part of the day includes a live telephone link up with one of our drivers before the race. It is vitally important that the clarity of the sound, for both driver and audience alike, is perfect, as the drivers’ time pre-race is extremely precious and the audience wants to hear every word. The TeamConnect system enables this to happen perfectly, every time.”

“As a Formula One team and advanced engineering company, Williams relies on state-of-the-art technology to keep us ahead of the game,” adds Chris Murray, head of marketing for Williams Formula One. “Our award-winning Conference Centre is no different and we pride ourselves on offering clients an ideal space to do business. Thanks to Sennheiser’s TeamConnect solution, we can offer our customers the very latest audio conferencing technology that is seamlessly integrated and hassle-free.”


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