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Sound of Change

Audio specialist Sennheiser is launching a special limited-edition MOMENTUM ON-Ear bundle in support of DJ Luciano’s One Coin For Life charity, which is featured in a Sennheiser film as part of the ‘What’s Your MOMENTUM?’ project. As well as a pair of MOMENTUM On-Ear headphones in red, the bundle includes ten tracks by Luciano, with a contribution from every pair sold going to the DJ’s charitable foundation.

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  • 500 of the special MOMENTUM bundles will be released between today and 18 February 2015, with €15 from each sale being donated to One Coin For Life. All funds raised will go towards the foundation’s latest project Vipingo Village in Kenya. This small, family-run charity helps some of the many AIDS affected orphan children in the poverty stricken area near Mombasa.
  • Luciano’s drive to found One Coin For Life was inspired by the positivity and sense of community of the dance floor and a desire to capture this force to effect real change to help others. The foundation, which he runs with this wife Francisca and his sister Amélie, focuses on supporting small independently-run charities, where donations can make a real difference.
  • Swiss-Chilean Luciano is a DJ and producer, owner of the Cadenza label and a leading light in the global Techno and House scenes, famed for his genre-blending sets and Ibiza residencies.
  • The MOMENTUM On-Ear Red included in the One Coin For Life bundle offers incredible sound with a pure design and high-quality materials such as stainless steel and Alcantara®. It brings the signature look and sound of Sennheiser’s classic MOMENTUM headphones – a fusion of design and the finest materials with high-end audio performance – to a more compact on-ear design.
  • The Sennheiser MOMENTUM range represents Sennheiser’s pursuit of perfect sound, combined within beautiful design, a product born of passion and – like Luciano – a refusal to compromise.



    Over the years I have played to thousands – probably millions – of people, but it is this foundation that I’m most proud of and a real MOMENTUM in my life. It is great to have Sennheiser’s support through these special editions, and it’s fitting too to raise funds through the connection to music that you have with a great set of headphones. One Coin For Life is about taking the motion we feel when we experience music and making it into a force for good and can help out to change the world.
    DJ Luciano

    We are incredibly proud to support One Coin For Life and participate in Luciano’s inspirational charity, which raises money to protect indigenous cultures around the world through the global dance music movement. Lucianos’s drive and initiative is the subject of one of the films in Sennheiser’s ‘What’s Your MOMENTUM?’ project, which celebrates stories where people’s passion for music and life has helped them achieve great things, and go beyond the conventional. This special charity takes a global love for music and uses it to protect unique threatened cultures at the grassroots. It is an expression of authenticity and integrity, and embodies the spirit of ‘MOMENTUM’.
    Uwe Cremering, Head of Global Marketing Communications at Sennheiser

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For more information and to watch the MOMENTUM movies visit:
ONE Coin For Life charity project Vipingo Village in Kenya
MOMENTUM On-Ear Bundle


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