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The perfect gift: heavenly sounds from Sennheiser

No matter whether you want to treat your family, your friends or yourself to that very special present: headphones from Sennheiser should always be at the top of your list. The latest models from the audio specialist will make the perfect gift this holiday season.

High-end sound for someone special: the RS 220 digital headphones

Luxury has always been desirable. With their new digital wireless headphones, Sennheiser has succeeded in combining wireless listening enjoyment with the ultimate in sound quality. The RS 220 features clear, lifelike sound reproduction with a frequency response of 19 to 21,000 Hertz, while analogue, digital and coaxial inputs ensure an optimum connection to the audio source. And all this comes with a superb operating range of up to 100 metres*. The luxurious black finish of both the transmitter and receiver unit provide a touch of elegance for the perfect present.

For stress-free journeys: the CXC 700 in-ear travel headphones

For all those planning to fly or travel by train over the holiday season, Sennheiser ensures that you can lean back and relax in spite of the crowds. The CXC 700 ear-canal phones from the Travel Line offer travellers the usual high-quality Sennheiser sound with the added benefit of active noise cancelling technology. The innovative NoiseGard™/digital system offers a choice of three different noise cancellation modes for different acoustic environments, thus ensuring sumptuous relaxation no matter where you are.

Small present, big sound: the VMX 200 Bluetooth headset

The ideal present for all those who need to keep in touch by phone while they're out and about or who just want to enjoy their new telephone: the new VMX 200 Bluetooth headset offers the ultimate in sound quality with its innovative VoiceMax™ technology. In the same way that our ears pick up sound, two built-in microphones determine where the sound is coming from. Sophisticated software then cancels out any interference. Telephoning has never been so relaxing.

For playful spirits: the X 320 and X 2 gaming headsets for the Xbox

Long winter evenings are transformed into fun and games with Sennheiser’s new gaming headsets. The two new headset models, the X 320 and X 2, are the first headsets that Sennheiser has developed specifically for the Xbox®. Xbox® gamers can now hear what is happening without the need to turn around and look over their shoulder to follow the game.

Cool and trendy: the 400 and 200 Series

With their trendy design and superb sound, these are this year’s price-performance stars for the holiday season. The circumaural 400 Series conjures up the perfect sound for every music fan. The HD 419, HD 429 and HD 439 feature powerful bass, while the HD 449 guarantees a lifelike, balanced sound. The supra-aural HD 219 and HD 229 also generate rich bass sounds and look particularly cool. The HD 239 offers a balanced, precise sound with a touch of sophistication.

Colour your life: the CX 215 and MX 365

If you love bright colours, these new headphones from Sennheiser should be right at the top of your wish list. Dynamic sound and a very good price-performance ratio are included in the overall package. The CX 215 in-ear headphones feature "microscopic" colours in red, orange, bronze, green and blue, while the design of the MX 365 earphones in orange, brown, bronze, white and blue is inspired by computer graphics. Perfect sound in a colourful package – for the ideal present this holiday season.

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