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This year Christmas sounds great with Sennheiser - With its latest headphones Sennheiser has a special gift for everyone

Christmas is around the corner and shopping fever is just about to start: lists are being made, gift ideas written down, stores are getting more and more crowded. Christmas shopping is no easy task, as no present seems to be good enough for our most loved ones. If you want to surprise them with something special, Sennheiser helps you find the perfect gift – the gift of sound. Among the brand new headphones launched this year by the audio specialist you will surely find a suitable model for everyone, be it a sporty best friend, an audiophile relative or a trendy sibling.

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 **Pure in sound and style – the new MOMENTUM headphones** 
{% img id=1310 | class=left width200 %} The new MOMENTUM may be the perfect gift for your special someone. Combining an excellent sound experience with high-quality materials and a minimalist design, MOMENTUM is more than just a pair of premium headphones; it is a style statement. The fine, soft materials used for these premium headphones ensure the ultimate wearing comfort. With headband and earpads worked from soft and supple natural leather, a lightweight and premium steel headband slider and outstanding sound, these headphones are the perfect accessory for urban adventurers. They come with an additional cable with integrated smart remote and microphone, so that Apple fans will enjoy even more their iPhone, iPod or iPad on the go. 

**Amperior – the best idea for music lovers** 
{% img id=1311 | class=left width200 %} Those music lovers who cannot imagine themselves on the move without the deep, powerful club beat as companion will be thrilled by the new Amperior. Based on the legendary HD 25 DJ headphones, the Amperior lets music fans experience the club sound wherever they go. These stylish headphones offer an impressive sound reproduction, while the closed design reliably keeps out the background noise. They come in a modern, urban design, with blue or silver aluminium ear cups. They can be optimally connected to portable players, while an additional cable with an integrated smart remote is provided for the control of Apple products. 

**CX 890i – an elegant gift for Apple fans**
{% img id=1312 | class=left width200 %} Looking for a perfect accessory for the new iPhone, iPod or iPad? The new CX 890i headset may be just what you need. This small in-ear style accessory astounds with a splendid glassy finish, creating a domed look. The headset comes in two colours – black and white – and an integrated smart remote control and microphone especially for Apple users. Moreover, the passive noise attenuation guarantees a great sound in the turmoil of big cities. 
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**IE 800 – a real treat for the most demanding ears**
{% img id=1314 | class=left width200 %} Audiophiles will have a blast finding their new IE 800 headphones under the Christmas tree. These high-end in-ear phones encompass groundbreaking technologies to ensure that music lovers can enjoy high-end sound on the move. The scratch-resistant ceramic housing encloses original innovations such as a vented magnet system or the Extra Wide Band (XWB) driver which guarantees a detailed, distortion-free and lifelike sound. All these come in a modern, cutting-edge design that ensures excellent wearing comfort and enduring quality. 
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**Sennheiser adidas sports series – a perfect companion for sport fans**
{% img id=1313 | class=left width200 %} You can also find the perfect gift for sport enthusiasts who like to exercise in all weathers: the new Sports headphones from Sennheiser and adidas. Developed with professional athletes, the five models cater for an excellent sound image and a perfect fit even under the most extreme training conditions. Five different wearing styles and rugged, water-resistant materials ensure the highest performance for all training styles. Three of the five models are additionally equipped with the Apple remote and microphone module for users of iPhone or iPod.


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