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User-friendly app control for the LSP 500 PRO loudspeaker

Never before has it been so easy to control an audio system. Together with the LSP 500 PRO wireless loudspeaker, audio specialist Sennheiser is also presenting an app to control it. Both the loudspeaker and the app are being unveiled at ISE in Amsterdam.

The LSP 500 PRO app for the new LSP 500 PRO loudspeaker guarantees easy and efficient control of PA systems. Up to 20 loudspeakers can be controlled at the same time – conveniently and in an uncomplicated manner from an iPad.

Configuration: simple and user-friendly
As soon as the wireless speakers have been set up, the app gets to work. The LSP 500 PRO loud-speakers are simply linked via WLAN with the iPad, where they are displayed in ‘Positioning’ mode. The speakers can then be selected individually and moved virtually to adapt the positions shown on the iPad to their real positions at the venue. This user-friendly function ensures a good overview of the entire PA system.

All speakers or individual speakers can be selected simply by touching the screen, and groups of speakers can also be defined. The sound engineer can now use the app to control the volume, the equalizer or the delay for the speakers selected. There are three presets for the equalizer – Music, Voice and Flat – to ensure that the sound can be quickly and conveniently adapted to the event.

“Sennheiser’s LSP 500 PRO app is a genuine labour-saving device for setting up PA systems,” said Martin Gurtner, Portfolio Manager at Sennheiser`s Integrated Systems Division. “Instead of having to go over to each of the loudspeakers individually in order to change the settings, the sound engineer can simply control the entire PA from an iPad – even while the event is taking place.”

Mixing panel? The LSP 500 PRO app!
And the app has even more to offer: ‘Mixing Panel’ mode enables the sound settings for the audio sources connected to the loudspeakers to be controlled. Each LSP 500 PRO can accommodate three receivers for wireless microphones. In addition there is a connection for wired micro-phones (combined socket) as well as an AUX input and output. The Sennheiser loudspeaker is also equipped with a USB connector and a Bluetooth interface.

“The app takes over the functions of a mixing console,” explained Martin Gurtner. “When several LSP 500 PRO speakers are being used, it is possible to define one of them as the master and to connect it with the other speakers – the slaves – via a wireless link.”

Top priorities: user-friendliness and reliable operation
Another very convenient feature is the battery level indicator: the app continuously shows the current state of charge of each of the two batteries in an LSP 500 PRO, ensuring that there are no unpleasant surprises when it comes to their power supply. If a battery level becomes critically low, a warning is instantly displayed. The app also sends warning messages immediately if other problems arise, such as a device overheating, thus ensuring that the Sennheiser PA system operates reliably at all times.

A further useful feature of the LSP 500 PRO is the integrated music player. This enables music to be played directly from an external device via the USB connector or the Bluetooth interface. The music player also has a convenient recording function, which allows audio input to be recorded directly on a USB device.

In full control – even after the event
As soon as one event has ended, the next one is never far away: “The Sennheiser app promises efficient controllability every time,” said Martin Gurtner. “In ‘System Control’ mode, all settings can be stored and are ready to be re-used, for example for an event that lasts several days, without the need to re-enter them. The app also has various reset functions, which are particularly useful for PA rental companies.”

If the user selects ‘Audio Reset’, only the configurations for the loudspeakers and audio sources are reset. The more comprehensive ‘Factory Reset’ on the other hand will reset all configurations to the factory settings. In addition to the audio settings, these also include the WLAN settings and screen brightness.

The Sennheiser LSP 500 PRO App will be available at the same time as Sennheiser’s new LSP 500 PRO loudspeaker from May 2013. The app can be downloaded free of charge from the Apple iTunes Store.

Visit Sennheiser at ISE Amsterdam, Hall 2, Stand C50.


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