MKH 50-P48
Super-cardioïde microfoon die werd ontworpen voor gebruik met solisten of als spotmicrofoon wanneer een hoge mate van onderdrukking van zijgeluid en feedback wordt vereist. Frequentie-onafhankelijke richtkarakteristiek.
Artikel nr. 003109

The super-cardioid MKH 50 offers a higher attenuation of diffusefield and lateral sound than the cardioid microphone. It is principally designed for use as a soloist's or spot microphone for applications requiring a high degree of side-borne sound muting and feedback rejection. The directional characteristics are frequency-independent.

  • High rejection of lateral sounds

  • Exceptionally low inherent self-noise

  • Transformerless and fully floating balanced output

  • Symmetrical transducer technology ensures extremely low distortion

  • Switchable roll-off filter to compensate for proximity effects at a distance of approx. 0.5 m

  • Switchable pre-attenuation

  • Black, anodised light metal body

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  • 1 MKH 50,
  • 1 MZS 40 shock mount,
  • 1 MZW 41 windshield

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  • EU-conformiteitsverklaring
    • EU Declaration of conformity MKH series (220 KB) Download

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    • Instruction manual - MKH 50-P48 (1.2 MB) Download

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    • Product specification MKH 50-P48 (99 KB) Download

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  • Handleiding ‘snel wegwijs’
    • Beknopte gebruiksaanwijzing - MKH 50-P48 (1.8 MB) Download

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    • Veiligheidsvoorschriften - MKH 20/30/40/50/60/70 (1.1 MB) Download