PC 8 USB Headset

The affordable PC 8 USB, with USB sound card
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Whether you want to talk over the internet, listen to your favorite music or get a thrill from action-packed PC games, the PC 8 USB headset delivers the dynamic stereo sound you need. And a noise canceling microphone to match. It filters out ambient noise so you can Skype with friends around the world and rest assured that they can hear you loud and clear. The volume control and microphone controle swith is very convenient. Add on top of this the comfortable headband and easy USB plug & play, and you have an essential multimedia accessory in the PC 8 USB that you won’t ever want to do without.


  • Noise canceling clarity – thanks to the noise canceling microphone, your voice is easily understood without you having to shout

  • USB plug & play – simply plug into your PC or Mac USB port and start phoning over the net

  • Stereo sound – Sennheiser quality that’s perfect for a range of applications such as music and gaming

  • Light and comfortable – with the lightweight headband, it’s easy to forget you are even wearing a headset

  • Easy volume control – the in-line volume/mute control lets you make quick adjustments without fiddling with your computer settings

  • 2-year warranty

Wat zit erbij?

  • PC 8 USB headset

Technische gegevens

  • Draagstijl
  • Kleur
  • Aansluiting
  • Kabellengte
    2 m
  • Gewicht
    84 g


  • Impedantie
    32 Ω
  • Frequentiereactie (hoofdtelefoons)
    42 - 17000 Hz
  • Geluidsdrukniveau (sound pressure level - SPL)
    95 dB
  • Oorkoppeling
    on-the-ear, open design
  • Transductorprincipe (hoofdtelefoons)
    dynamic, closed


  • Impedantie
    2 kΩ
  • Frequentiereactie (Microfoon)
    90 - 15000 Hz
  • Oppikpatroon
  • Gevoeligheid volgens 121 TR 9-5
    - 40 dBV


  • What Sennheiser headsets are compatible with PlayStation 4 (PS4)?

    The Sennheiser PC analog headsets (ie: headsets with dual 3.5 mm plugs) can be used with the PCV 05 Combo Audio Adaptor to plug directly into the PS4 Dual shock controller. When connected with the PCV 05 the game audio and chat functions will work. Sound settings have to be adjusted in the PS4. NOTE: The Sennheiser PC analog headsets include the G4ME ZERO, G4ME ONE, PC 363D (without USB adapter), PC 360, PC 350 SE, PC 330, PC 320, PC 310 and PC 151.

    The Sennheiser U320 can be connected directly to the USB port of the PS4. The game volume setting will control the volume of both chat and the game however the chat volume setting on the headset will not work. Sound settings have to be adjusted in the PS4.

    The Sennheiser USB headsets will work when plugged directly into the PS4 USB port. However the gaming USB models that come with the 3D G4ME 1 sound card will work as stereo headsets. The 3D sound function is not available. Sound settings have to be adjusted in the PS4. NOTE: The Sennheiser USB headsets include the PC 363D, PC 333D, PC 323D and the Internet Telephony models (PC 8 USB and SC 260 USB). 

    The Sennheiser Mobile Gaming headsets are also compatible with the PS4 when plugged into the PS4 Dual shock controller. The in-line volume control (if included) will work on PS4 but the answer/end button has no function. Sound settings have to be adjusted in the PS4. NOTE: The Sennheiser Mobile Gaming headsets include the HD 335s, HD 429s, MM 70s, HD 219s, CX 275s.

    PC 8 USB ( #504197 )


  • EU-conformiteitsverklaring
    • EU Declaration of Conformity PC Series USB (750 KB) Download