SKM 3072-U
Topklasse super-cardioïde microfoon/zender. Voor overdracht van zowel zang als spraak. Uitwisselbare microfoonkoppen. Inputgevoeligheid in 4 stappen instelbaar. "HiDyn plus" ruisonderdrukking. Stevige metalen behuizing.

SKM 3072-U
Artikel nr. 004433

The SKM 3072-U is a hand-held transmitter with super-cardioid condenser microphone head, suitable for both vocal and speech transmission. Up to 32 switchable transmission frequencies in the UHF band.

  • Interchangeable microphone heads

  • "HiDyn plus" noise reduction with 117 dB(A) signal-to-noise ratio

  • Input sensitivity switchable in 4 steps

  • LC display for frequency/channel, sensitivity, battery status and lock mode

  • Battery status transmitted to suitable receivers

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Wat zit erbij
  • 1 SKM 3072-U radiomicro-phone with ME 3005e mic head
  • 9 V PP3 battery
  • 1 MZQ 3072 stand mount
  • 8 colour-coded protective caps
  • 1 storage case

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